Music Theory Worksheets

Rhythm Worksheets

Book 1                            Book 2

Lesson 1- Whole, Half, and Quarter Notes

Lesson 2- Whole, Half, and Quarter Rests

Lesson 3- Eighth Notes

Lesson 4- Eighth Notes

Lesson 5: Tied Notes

Lesson 6: Dotted Half Notes

Lesson 7: Dotted Quarter Notes

Lesson 8: Syncopation


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Lesson 9: Sixteenth Notes

Lesson 10: Eighth Note/ Two Sixteenth Note Group

Lesson 11: Two Sixteenth Note/ Eighth Note Group

Lesson 12: Sixteenth Note/ Eighth Note/ Sixteenth Note Group

Lesson 13: Dotted Eighth Note/ Sixteenth Note Group

Lesson 14: Sixteenth Rests

Lesson 15: Triplets

Lesson 16: 2/4 Time

Lesson 17: 3/4 Time